Emergency Animal Hospital

The Animal Medical Center is also known for being an attentive emergency animal hospital in Chanute, Kansas. The Animal Medical Center provides all clients with the support and satisfaction no matter the day or time.  Please contact us to help!

Laboratory Testing

AMC has in-house laboratory equipment for serum chemistries, hematology, and parasite testing.  When necessary, AMC uses other laboratories for specialized testing and consults with Kansas State University Diagnostic Lab.

Large Animal Care

At AMC, we are not limited to only a few species.  We love our large animal patients as much as our small animal patients.  We provide services for equid (horses), bovine (cattle), sheep, goats, pigs, alpaca, donkeys, mules, and llamas.

Exotic Animal Care

Are you in 4-H or just have a love for unique pets?  AMC welcomes you and your pet.  We provide care for rats, ferrets, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits and more. 
(No snakes or birds).

Boarding Your Pet

AMC is not just an animal hospital.  We offer boarding services to our clients on a reservation basis.  Please call in advance for your pets vacation needs. 
Call now to reserve your kennel!

How to Say "Goodbye"

AMC staff understand the emotional connections owners have with their pets.  When pets become ill or injured it can be difficult to make the right decision for your beloved family member. 

Client Testimonials

"So much praise I have for not only the vets, but every single person who (whom) works there.  The care is not only the best of any clinic we have every used over many years, but they ( staff) care about the owners. 
       They truly go above and beyond care your your pet and you.  I can honestly say, they make you feel like family.  Examples of care not only for pet (s) but owners, my dog had a hurt paw and (was) in pain... I got him to the vet and not only caring for him but the receptionist cared for my wound by giving me  a cold pack for my hand. 
       If you want the best care there is for your pet, then you need your pet to be with the best, all of them, at Animal Medical Center. "      
                                    ~Sherry Runer
"The Animal Medical Center has provided exceptional service and have always educated us on procedures before hand.  Thank you."
                                  ~Joni Stevens
"This is the best place you could ever take your loved ones. They will do the best for your pet they will not just treat them they will take care of them like they were family if you are looking for a veterinarian you can't find a better one."
              ~Chuck & Barbara Haigler
Thank you to our amazing clients and patients.  We truly value our time with you and providing you with superior animal medical care. 

If you would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you.  Thank you for continuing to allow us to serve you and your pets!
"Love the Animal Medical Center. Wonderful care of their animal clients & their parents. Always there when I've needed them. Would never take my girls anywhere else!"
                                  ~Kimberly Lloyd
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