Client Resources

AMC believes in educating their clients and providing additional resources outside of the office.   Here you can find forms, credit applications, online pharmacy access, and informative articles.
Client Forms
Care Credit Application
Online Pharmacy
Your New Best Friend
AMC understands that medical care can come at unexpected times and cost.  Care Credit is a medical services line of credit that can be used for any of your pet's medical needs.  Apply today!
AMC understands the rural lifestyle and likes to provide clients with access to medications as the easy of a button.  Once you have a prescription you may use our online ordering system and have the medication sent directly to your door.
AMC Client forms allow you to learn more about your procedure, expections, and come prepared for your appointment.
AMC is an active supporter of the Chanute Animal Shelter.  Adopting a pet mean a new life for them and you.  If you are looking to making and every last campanion then adoption is the way to go!