Large Animal Medical Services

At Animal Medical Center, we are not limited to only a few large animal species.  We provide services for equid (horses), cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, alpaca, donkeys, mules, llamas, and more.  Below is a comprehensive list of services we provide for all large animals and specialty services.

Large Animal Services


We provide haul-in large animal facilities suitable for any size and quanity of large animals.  We perform routine procedures for most large animals, such as:
Pregnancy Checks
Artificial Insemination
Cesarian Sections
Injury & Pain Managment
Ultra Sounds
Hoof Trimming
We perform specialty medical services that other veterinarians may not be certified and/or equiped to perform.
Equine (Horses) Specialty Services
Bovine (Cattle) Specialty Services

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Teeth Floating
       Teeth floating is a nessary procedure for horses to avoid getting absesses, infections, and possible starvation. Horses teeth continue to grow out of the gum throughout the horses lifetime.  

Breeding Soundness Exams (Bulls)
Fertility Testing (Bulls)
Learn About Teeth Floating
Coggins Testing
       The Coggins test  checks for Equine Infectionious Anemia (EIA) spread by horseflies. You should have your horse tested annually.
Learn About EIA

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