Teeth Floating
What you should know about Teeth Floating

Teeth Floating is the process of filing and evening out the horse's teeth.  The file is often called a float, hence the name.

What is Teeth Floating?

Why does a horse need Teeth Floating?

Teeth Floating is required for equid (horses) whose teeth have become uneven and are no longer wearing evenly in the horse's mouth.  This is called malocclusions.  Equid (horses) whose teeth become uneven and do not wear properly can become ill if not taken care of as soon as possible.

What are the signs a horse may need to have it's teeth floated?

Horses may have sores in their mouth caused by sharp teeth, they may have a decreased appetite, quidding (balling up of food in their mouth), weight loss, or abnormal head positioning while eating.

Can I Float Teeth on my own?

You should always contact your vet before performing any procedure on your horse.  If you are not trained properly or have the correct tools you can injure or cause additional injury to your horse.  Please Contact Us before trying any procedure on your own.

Where do I Start?

Contact your Vet and schedule an oral exam.  Your vet wil lbe able to identify any problems and provide the solutions you needs such as antibiotics, cleaning, floating, and additonal care depending on the severity of oral issues identified.

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