Kerri, Animal Care Attendant


Kerri grew up ten miles north of Fort Scott, Kansas on an active farm. While attending to her family’s farm she learned how to care for and attend to animals. Along with her personal experience, home life and on the job training Kerri has become and important part of the Animal Medical Center team.

Kerri not only provides the daily care for boarded animals, she assists in medical preparation, such as dental cleanings, surgeries, and routine lab work. She considers to her patients and clients needs and understands each one is unique and needs special care. She is the eyes and ears for the doctors as she will monitor animals after surgeries or in cases of emergencies. She joined the Animal Medical Center because of her love and connection to animals and their owners.

In Kerri’s spare time, she enjoys spend time with her children ridding ATVs, horses, and sport shooting. She and her children also have rescued many farm cats, and have a horse and six dogs which are a part of their immediate family. She dedicates herself to her patients and clients as she does her family and enjoys ever moment.